Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Counting Blessings

Why do you run? Because you love it? Because it's part of who you are? Because it gives you space? Solace? Comfort? Let's you eat pie? Pushes you beyond? How do you choose your big goal? Based on distance? Destination? Technical terrain? How long do you train for it? A year? A season? A few months? 

People keep asking me all these questions about the Bruce Trail. My answer? Most often? 

Because you didn't think I would.

Pay attention to your sports headlines today. Let me know how many times you hear about disability. I bet 98% of it's use refers to a player being injured and no longer able to take part. 

I believe persons with disabilities are being competitive, active, and engaged. And those that aren't are looked down on. Likely they don't know where to start. That's where Achilles Canada comes in. They taught me to run. They gave me tools to navigate the tough stuff. They connected me with amazing giving guide runners, bikers, swimmers. 

Please help me to spread the word about our End to End Bruce Trail run. Please share our story in your lunch room, over the water cooler. Please connect with Achilles and volunteer. 

And please know, that without all your love and belief... This wouldn't be happening.


Much love


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