Saturday, December 28, 2013

That thing you do....

2013 ends with whatever effort you gave it. The calendar cares not that you wish for one more week, one last attempt. Past is always exactly where your footsteps took you. Best to enjoy all the culmination of a years work done and move forward with gratefulness and an open heart. 

2014  - the year of this dream, this goal of yours.... Is exactly where you set your gaze to. If you see frustration and hurdles - that's what you will go through. If you see hard work and dedication, so too will you see. If you see an impossible task unraveling ..... Well you get the metaphor. 

The Envisions journey has already begun, but we hope to detail a bit more of what's going on with the coming days, weeks, months. We hope to share with you our purpose, hopes and aspirations. We hope to enlighten you with training updates, intermittent race reports and feedback from various guides, crew volunteers and coaches as we travel this path. 

We also invite you to join in the conversation. Tell us what your years goals are. Share how you plan to achieve them, where you gather motivation from. Send us your progress, your training ups and downs. Tell us how having a dream can change your focus. 

As ever, if you wish to offer some support to our quest of end to end disabled running on the Bruce Trail in August 2014, please email us, or tweet us. We would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Relentless hope

The taste of a dream lingers beyond waking. The lure of hope tugs at the corners of our souls. The movement of change, once begun, is stronger than a water fall. It carries with it all the culminated effort of effect as it travels down stream. To stop, to pause, in shallow waters of that karmic dance, can set you free. If you let it.

Every chance you have to do your best, is exactly that - a chance. You are given so many opportunities to put your best foot forward. Oftentimes our everyday gets in the way. Life waits for no one. It carries on, down the path it has set to travel, taking the hopeful along with it. 

What is your dream? What is your goal? What's holding you back from chasing it down? From holding close... From catching some spark of motivation and lighting the trail for others to see? Spend time contemplating your "undoable". What are those goals you gave up on? Those dreams you have decided you're too busy, too young, too unprepared, too old, too tired to go after? Spend a few delicate moments in the silence surrounded by your "undoable". 

If you open yourself up to possibility, to all things attainable, to the unversal law that you are unique and have purpose... You will hear your dreams whisper in that dark. You will feel all the power of intention and driven focus you've been overlooking. You will glimpse your possible future. It's there, tangled among your undoable. It's there, caught in the steam above your morning coffee. Dance your fingers through it. Know all the things you could be. And step into that relentless hope.

In the words of Goerge Sheehan;

"We are of a flesh that asks for more and more challenges, that seeks one frontier after another. What is missing is not physical energy. The fuel is there, waiting to be ignited. We need some spark to light the fires, something to get us into action"

Go be your own spark. And dance among generous kindling.

Much love on the run....