Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Moves You?

On the short list of things that move you, on the quick notes of what motivates you, on the memo of what gets you up in the morning... where does purpose fit in?

How do you connect the dots between your dreams and your drive?  Is there a secret strategic dance you practice under the moon when no one's around?  Does promising yourself you will, mean enough to you to make it happen?  If not, why not?

Shouldn't the promises you make yourself be the most important promises you make?  Shouldn't YOU be worth the investment?

Write your own Cliffnotes. Be your own subject.  Be your own hero.  Be your gas pedal and motivation and steering wheel.  Be your own get up and go.  Create a sense of self awareness that our everyday is so very lacking in.  Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you believe in? What are you willing to work towards?  Decide. ... Decide, before someone decides for you.

There are a mere 87 days until this quest along the Bruce Trail begins.  That means there are 107 days until it ends.  There are buckets of effort kept in my closet; carefully canned and settling under dust.  They await their calling.  They await my need.  They are my reserve.  They are my hopes of making a statement for disabled people.  They are my fear of slipping through the cracks.  They are my training, my blood, sweat and tears.  They are all those people who support me; my family, my friends, my perfect strangers lost in their own struggles.  They are the wishing well pennies, the fairy dust I swept off my pillow.  They are the loud and the hush of my want.  And my heart beats to open each one, in time.

What moves you?  When you get up to go for a run, do you preplan a route?  Do you feel the trail tempting you during your best REM cycle?  Can you lose yourself against the contrast of the oldest tree decorated in morning dewy webs waiting to kiss you?  Can you cleanse a piece of desire in the cold creek that splashes over your shoe?  Do you have to set an alarm? Or is the sunrise enough? Where is your purpose?

Have you taken it out of your junk drawer? Polished it up? Set it out to be admired and questioned in the sunlight streaming through the drapes?  Purpose, when thriving, when pulsing with it's own need, refuses to be quiet and hidden.  It screams like the toddler in all of us, PAY ATTENTION!!!! Pay attention, or you will miss it.  Or you will ignore it.

87 days until with deliberate steps, this amazing team of volunteers takes flight.  87 days until every step means something more than I could ever have hoped for.  87 days to start the journey of meeting myself.  107 days until I get to reach out and shake her hand, hold her in a crushing embrace, and whisper.... "It's about freaking time you showed up!"

Please join us on this adventure from End to End of the Bruce Trail.  Please share your time with us.  Follow along.  Come run a bit with us.  Share our tale with your circle.  Please help create awareness for all disabled athletes.  Dream big, wide awake.


Much love on the run,