Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A "Teachable Moment" In Time...With Barrie's MP Patrick Brown

... But wait, what is a "Teachable Moment"?

Solo shared this term with me once upon a time.  It caught my attention so much so that I search it out whenever, and wherever I can.  Ekaterina Solovieva SOLO tells us that a teachable moment is any moment that offers a lesson when it's not necessarily expected.

At the end of February I had the opportunity to spend a morning with Barrie's MP Patrick Brown. (More info on Patrick here)  Two dear friends of mine; Joan Van Hilten (read her blog here) and Patrick Voo (read his blog here) joined in the fun.  Ultra runners by habit and guide runners by chance, these two helped to share the lessons of How To Guide Run a Rhonda with our MP.

Our goal for this adventure? To share with our MP what it's like to guide run and also to share the concept of a small thing I would call "multisensory perception".  How does running take on a new level of awareness if one sense is removed?  Patrick Brown, after guide running around a loop with the group, then agreed to blindfold himself and be guide run around the same loop.  Watch and see what happens...

Adventures in blindrunning continue!  Lets get the word out there!

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Much love on the run,

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